Happy Victoria Day
Started 18th May, 2015
Duration 2 Days 20 Hours
Type Collecting
First Prize
Redflower Dragon

The Happy Victoria Day event that started on 18 May 2015 was an event that took place in celebration of Victoria Day. The goal was to collect as much Gold from Habitats as possible. Every unit of Gold gave one score point. The event was only available in Canada.


Collect as much Gold as you can from the habitats.

Progress Rewards




Reward 1 Gems 8,000 Food 16,000 Food

Leaderboard Prizes

First Prize: Redflower Dragon

1-5 Redflower Dragon Egg
6-20 600,000 Gold 36,000 Food 5 Scrolls
21-50 400,000 Gold 24,000 Food 2 Scrolls
51-150 200,000 Gold 18,000 Food
151-350 100,000 Gold 6,000 Food
351-750 40,000 Gold 3,000 Food
751-2000 20,000 Gold

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