Started 30th March, 2015
Duration 2 Days 15 Hours
Type Feeding
First Prize
Ghost Dragon

The Dinnertime event that started on 30th March, 2015 was a VIP-only event. The goal was to feed any of the Dragons as much Food as possible. Every unit of Food gave one score point.


Feed your Dragons by using as much Food as you can.

Progress Rewards

Score 60,000 300,000 600,000
Reward 3 Scrolls 40,000 Gold 5 Gems

Leaderboard Prizes

First Prize: Ghost Dragon

1-20 Ghost Dragon Egg
21-100 600,000 Gold 40,000 Food 5 Scrolls
101-200 400,000 Gold 30,000 Food 2 Scrolls
201-500 100,000 Gold 20,000 Food
501-1000 40,000 Gold 8,000 Food
1001-2500 20,000 Gold 4,000 Food
2501-5000 2,000 Food

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