Started 17th April, 2015
Duration 2 Days 14 Hours
Type Feeding
First Prize
Rastafari Dragon

The Dinnertime event that started on 17th April, 2015 was a VIP-only event. The goal was to feed any of the Void-Element Dragons as much Food as possible. Every unit of Food gave one score point.


Feed your Void-element Dragons by using as much Food as you can.

Progress Rewards

Score 40,000 200,000 400,000
Reward 3 Scrolls 80,000 Gold 5 Gems

Leaderboard Prizes

First Prize: Rastafari Dragon

1-20 Rastafari Dragon Egg
21-50 800,000 Gold 40,000 Food 5 Scrolls
51-100 400,000 Gold 32,000 Food 3 Scrolls
101-250 200,000 Gold 24,000 Food 1 Scroll
251-450 120,000 Gold 16,000 Food
451-750 80,000 Gold 8,000 Food
751-5000 40,000 Gold

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